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RIC 290 – Combined Radar / Infrared Sensor
RIC 290 – Combined Radar / Infrared Sensor

The record RIC 290 sensor device uses radar and infrared technologies. It is equipped with both a combination of motion and presence detectors that trigger opening and closing operations with a high level of security and reliability. The device actively communicates with the door control, and recognizes persons in the passage area. A light curtain also prevents collisions with the door leaves.

Permanent Monitoring
The interacting communication protocol CAN-bus used in the record 290 series gives us two major benefits: ease of installation and outstanding level of safety due to 100 % detection of all possible issues with the sensor.

The wiring is simple and extremely reliable, resulting in stable connectivity between sensors, the operating unit and the door drive. 

The CAN-bus protocol technology comes from the automotive industry, allowing error diagnostics in the vehicle. Likewise, each component of the door system communicates with the other, and identifies them. Every malfunction occurring during operation is logged in a fault memory, and can be read during the next service. Interaction with the user or service personnel is on a very advanced level; feedback, modes and also messages are displayed on the user console monitor. The partly unstructured and lengthy troubleshooting of earlier times – particularly as a result of loose contacts – is ruled out.


  • Outstanding reliability due to CAN-bus technology
  • Time saving, quick and simple commissioning
  • Developed in parallel and perfectly harmonized with our record door drives
  • System integration and self-learning capability  
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