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4900 Series Manual Folding ICU Door
Swing Door/Folding Door
4900 Series Manual Folding ICU Door

The record 4900 Series All-In-One Fold/Swing Manual ICU/CCU Door Systems provide the latest in health care room access while minimizing intrusion of passage ways when full room access is required. The double acting swing door portion allows staff to choose the most convenient direction to swing open the door and is equipped with a hold open closer for hands free mobility. The folding portion permits the largest opening possible with minimum obstruction of hallway or interior room space.

Introducing the new record-usa ALL-IN-ONE door package. Ideally used to eliminate the possible impedance in a hallway of hospital personnel with patients caused by open door leaves, the dual folding-swinging ALL-IN-ONE door system assures that narrow hallways remain clear of possible obstructions that other door systems may cause.

In the event of an emergency, standard ICU packages may cause concern by breaking into the hallway to allow quick egress from the patient room. Doors of this type also may rely on a floor track system that slows a patient’s travel while on a gurney or may lead to discomfort as they proceed over the track. ICU doors are also usually manufactured with hard to grasp handles that are very difficult to open when the nurse may have his/her hands full. Nurses now may easily back into the swing side of the door system and enter the doorway even when handling food trays, patient charts, etc.

When large doorways are desired to allow the simple transportation of carts, wheelchairs or other equipment, standard ICU doors are provided with a breakout feature to allow the door panels to fold in one direction and stack.This design feature provides a larger than normal clear door way opening than swinging doors may allow. But when choosing record usa’s ALL-IN-ONE door package the requirement of a breakaway feature is eliminated simply by opening the fold and swing door quickly and easily. This ingenious three panel door system offers the combination of both a folding door and a double acting swing door system. Inherent to the creativity of the design is the ability to select which side of the unit the folding door panels are on and which side the swinging door unit is on– whichever allows the quickest egress should an emergency situation arise.

When the swing and fold door reach the fully open 90 degree position, the door will remain open to allow ample time to pass carts and/or patients in wheelchairs, etc. without the concern of the door closing on the patient or the worry of an inconvenient floor track.

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